Flowerdale Outdoor Backyard Wedding

Couple | Ben & Melissa
Ceremony | Flowerdale Farmery Private Backyard
Wedding Photographer | Sherman Tan Studio

As a wedding photographer I get the privilege to hear many special speeches. I will confess, sometimes I get teary behind the camera especially when I see people wiping their eyes. This wedding was one of those - it so heart moving almost everyone was in tears!

I love these special moments.

Ben & Melissa is such a down-to-earth couple. They wanted to mark the beginning of their lives as husband and wife in their very own home in Flowerdale. They had friends and family over to help with setting up the decorations before the wedding. How awesome do they look? Many of them camped on site the night before as well. 

Look out for the supersized games, home-grown flowers, alpacas and sheep. And wait till you see their "guestbook" idea towards the end. They got the guests to plant little trees with copper tags, promising to look after them for years to come.

Thanks Ben and Mel for the absolute honour and pleasure to be a part of your special day :)