Engagement Photos at the Royal Botanic Gardens

Couple | Daniel & Fayth
Venue | Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne
Engagement Photographer | Sherman Tan Studio

I am still pinching myself over the fact that my secondary school close buddy "TCBoy" is married! The newly weds decided to come over to spend their honeymoon in parts of Australia and I had the pleasure to spend two days with them while they are in Melbourne. 

Daniel and I were close buddies in high school. We were both prefects and spent a lot of time going to tuition, internet cafes and chit-chatting about relationship issues. He is one of 'those' friends who is clumsy, forgetful and likes to fool around. But he has a serious side as well. When he wants to do something he really pours his heart, mind and soul into it.

He never knew mandarin when we left high school 10 years ago but today he is a leader in the church's Youth ministry. Really blessed to get to catch up with him after many years. It's been great to see that some things hasn't changed but many things has - and for the better. He has met his better half and I do wish that he continues to grow in this relationship that God has given to them. He has promised that the next time we meet it will be with his little one :)

©Sherman Tan_Cranbourne Botanical Garden Wedding Engagement Photographer
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