6 Wedding Planning Tips People Rarely Share With You

When you begin the process of planning your wedding, you will be required to know a lot for the success of the day. Most of the things you will need to know will be readily available, or you could easily get help with them. Things such as your wedding theme, honeymoon destinations, and the choice of vendors will just come naturally. However, not everything will seem obvious, not knowing some things may make the planning a real nightmare.

Here is a look at some of those things you will appreciate knowing in the process of planning your wedding:

  1. It Is Going To Be a Challenge.

    We say this not wanting to scare you, but to help prepare your mindset. This might be the first event you are organising yet it is probably the biggest event of your life. And the thought that it is a “once in a lifetime” event adds a lot of pressure.

    There are a lot of decisions you will have to make, meet various deadlines and interact with various groups of people with very different behaviours and personalities.

    Some things are not going to work as planned and some people (we hope you won’t meet any, touch wood.) can really get into your nerves. As such, you have to be prepared for anything and have an open mind knowing that it might not be easy, and retain the commitment to see it through.

  2. It Is Okay To Have Things Go Your Way.

    As you plan your wedding, you will get bombarded with all manner of suggestions on how certain things ought to be done. Opinions may be divided on your colour choices, theme songs, seating arrangement at the reception etc.

    Well, it’s your day and it is okay to have your way, irrespective of what someone thinks as right or wrong. Besides, you don’t really have to please anyone with anything you do on your wedding day.
    If you need help with the planning, approach real professional or use authority sites to get good, unbiased advice on how to plan a successful wedding.

  3. Plan Around Wedding Blackout Dates

    “Blackout….what?” Did you just ask? Good question.

    While settling on the dates, you should be aware of the wedding blackout dates. These dates may hamper the success of your day in a myriad of ways. For example, if you put your wedding on a day when there is a major local event, not so many people may attend and traffic and hotel room availability may also be affected. Therefore, check your preferred date and ensure that there will be no serious event that may be of interest to most of your guests taking place on the same day.

  4. Consider About The Weather.

    The weather may be a potential annoyance on your big day and you should take every necessary precaution to ensure that it won’t come in the way. Consider the prevailing weather around the time of your wedding date and plan appropriately. If you are thinking of an outdoor wedding, ensure your wedding day is not on a rainy season. You can find a lot of places which offer a stunning natural scenery such as Vines of the Yarra Valley.

  5. Have Signed Contracts with all the Vendors/Suppliers.

    For every vendor whose service you will secure for your wedding day, ensure to have a signed contract, detailing all the details of what will be provided. This should be the case even when the vendor is your close friend.

    You want to tie every loose end so that you there are no disappointments come the wedding day. Also, ensure that you meet the payment obligations with all the vendors (especially your wedding venue and photographer). The last thing you want is for a service to be withdrawn or get delayed simply because you didn’t make payments as agreed.

  6. Think About The End Product.

    Imagine yourself, a few years after your wedding, when you are looking back at your wedding photos, what do you NOT want to be thinking?

    Here are a few common ones I’ve heard.

    • It was so rushed. One delay led to another and we had to cut everything short.

    • We were exhausted travelling from venue to venue.

    • Our smiles look weird and slightly forced. It was so awkward when the camera is pointing at us.

    • I can only remember parts of our wedding day. There was so much that happened where there wasn’t any photos taken!

    • We were pretty stressed out. There was so much we had to think about during the day we couldn’t really enjoy ourselves.

We hope none of these will happen to you.

To key to being able to have a smooth event is in the planning. We recommend that as you plan, get some input from your trusted wedding photographer. Here at Sherman Tan Studio we are not just picture takers on your wedding day. We are open to being a part of your wedding from the planning stage months and months before. We are happy to help you with your timeline to ensure that you have time to not only enjoy but also have time for quality photos so that you can remember everything about your day. All of our clients have experienced a relaxing and fun time and we want that for you too. As your photographers we make it our mission help you remember your wedding day being as happy and stress-free as possible.


Planning a wedding can feel hectic and overwhelming but with great professional vendors and suppliers’ help it can be a very memorable and rewarding experience. Of course, doing it yourself can be a fulfilling experience too. We hope this article helped you in someway. Do kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments section and feel free to share this piece if you have enjoyed reading it. :)

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