Photographing Weddings Naturally Across Melbourne. Available worldwide.

* waves *

Hello there.

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The gorgeous lady in red is Jacqui.

Pronounced "Jackie", she's an amazing baker, passionate foodie, a newly registered architect, my trusted assistant... she's my over-qualified better half. She helps you with your make up, dress selection, and if you want to know what's good to eat in Melbourne, she definitely has a few options for you.

The other person Placed the camera on a timer and ran for the shot.
…that’s me.

Hi there! My name is Sherman and sincere apologies for blocking this amazing view.

By nature, I am shy and quiet, however I believe these traits make me better at what I do. Professionally trained as an architectural designer, I spent my career using images to tell a story. To me, a photograph is a mean to capture feelings and thoughts – and each set of frames become a story, forever sealed in time.

©Sherman Tan Studio_Melbourne Wedding Photographer_Au18_1962-2.jpg

My goal is simple.

I want you help you remember how you felt all over again every time you see your photographs…

…and put a smile on your face.

They call me a photographer.

But I think I am more of a story teller.

I want to get to know you, enhance your day and tell your story.

I want you to remember how you felt today.


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